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Khuzd Belkul is a rank 10 dwarf-only role-playing kinship on the Laurelin Server.
Our goal is to immerse our members in dwarven RP through a wide collection of events, plenty of ad-hoc RP and a genuine friendly brotherly atmosphere.

Khuzd Belkul, means "mighty dwarf" in Khuzdul, which our members at all times strive to be, be it with their axe or with their tongue.
As an order we do not have a uniform, nor do we engage in military events such as drills, yet when the need arises Khuzd Belkul will defend their lineage and that of their allies.
The order of Khuzd Belkul allows all dwarven-RPers to develop their dwarf in the way they see fit, without having to conform to any sort of military life.

Our group consists of traders, masters of lore, wonderers, old warriors, even a shady character or two...
Our focus is only every day dwarven life, interaction between dwarves in the Third Age. Trying to keep close to Tolkien's lore, but providing room for further thought as well.

Brothers and Sisters -
The members of our order are called brothers and sisters for a reason...

Like a family we are there for oneanother.
Like a family we will not shame our family's good name.
Like a family we will defend our clans, our Halls and our own.

We don't recruit like mad, nor do we accept every dwarf that comes knocking at our door. Reason for this is that we prefer quality of our membership over quantity, ensure we have a mature and friendly group that is loyal and commited.

RP-ing is Key -
For Khuzd Belkul members role-playing is the essence of what we do, in kin-chat and in our dealings with other players in-world.

We do not ask our members to be experienced role-players, we merely ask them to promote dwarf-role-play by example.
Any mature would-be-member not experienced in role-play but with a keen interest will always be welcomed in our Halls.

In fact we love RP so much, we reward our members with in game gifts and even Turbine Points for simply having fun RP-ing!

Mature and brotherly -
Khuzd Belkul maintains a mature and brotherly atmosphere at all times. We are there to help or guide you on your path both IC and OOC when needed.

Commitment and Participation -
We ask our members to join when they can, and be as active as their RL schedule would allow. Enjoy your time with the brothers and sisters of the Order.

Though many of our members speak some (neo-)khuzdul, the language of the dwarves in kin-chat, it is NOT a requirement at all (by the end of the 3rd age - time of Lotro - few dwarves still had it as a 1st tongue).
We do welcome those that wish to learn and can teach through our Khuzdul classes.

Every member of Khuzd Belkul must have a small RP-session with one of our officers, to see if your character would fit our order and earn an invitation.

Only those dwarves that embrace the spirit of what it is to be proper dwarrow will be welcomed.
Think long and hard about your dwarf before you apply, what is he/she like, where is he/she from, where has he/she been... form YOUR story!

Those that are alts are welcomed as well, yet be honest up front about your time commitment.
Those that are interested to join can send a letter to one of our officers (or tell in game).
Alternatively you can send Kandral an email: kstrongbeard [at] aol [dot] com

When you have applied for membership the following will happen..
In World:
- 1) In Character RP - an officer will invite you (via IM) for a RP-session.
Via IM:
- 2) when the RP session is succesfull we would like to know more about your RP experience
- 3) tell us why you want to join Khuzd Belkul
- 4) tell us a little about yourself, the person behind the character (not looking for a life story here folks :) )

If you come across any of our brothers and sisters of the order along your path in Middle-Earth, do not hesitate to provide a greeting.
If you have any questions, we are very happy to answer them, don't hesitate to ask.
May Mahal keep your beard long and axe sharp
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